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    MLE on Research Integrity: Final Report

    The Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility (PSF) was set up by the Directorate- General for Research & Innovation (DG RTD) of the European Commission under the EU Framework Programme for Research & Innovation ‘Horizon 2020’.It supports Member States and countries associated with Horizon 2020 in reforming their national science, technology and innovation systems.

    The Mutual Learning Exercise on Research Integrity, which forms the basis of this report, was carried out between July 2018 and June 2019 by a dedicated PSF panel consisting of four independent experts and twelve countries

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    Specific Support to Tunisia: Summary Article - Path to research and innovation ecosystem, Tunisia's story

    Tunisia is looking to develop a more robust research and innovation (R&I) system underwritten by framework conditions with clear priorities to promote greater private-sector participation. Experts from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility (PSF) answered the government’s request for support. Their final report, Research priorities and private participation in R&D, contributes to Tunisia’s turnaround story.


    Tunisia Report
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    Peer Review of the Estonian Research and Innovation system: Final Report

    The Estonian government requested specific support from the PSF to support the work of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (MEAC) and Ministry of Education and Research (MER) in preparing to produce a joint research, development, innovation and entrepreneurship strategy for the period 2021-27 and onwards, via a general assessment of the effectiveness of the research and innovation (R&I) system, and a specific assessment of the role and impact of the R&I system in promoting added-value creation.

    The PSF panel of five independent experts supported by three national peers from other countries worked from October 2018 to September 2019, including four missions to Estonia to consult stakeholders and discuss potential recommendations. This final report was formally presented to the Estonian government in Tallinn in September 2019. 

    Estonia Report
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    Specific Support to Tunisia: Final report in French

    Le gouvernement tunisien a demandé un soutien spécifique de la part du PSF, en vue d’améliorer la définition des priorités de recherche et de promouvoir la participation privée à la recherche et au développement.

    Le panel PSF, composé de quatre experts indépendants et de deux homologues nationaux, a travaillé de mars à décembre 2018, avec notamment deux missions en Tunisie pour consulter les parties prenantes et discuter des recommandations éventuelles. 

    Tunisia Report
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    Specific Support to Tunisia: Final Report

    The Tunisian government requested specific support from the PSF, as a basis for improving the definition of research priorities and promoting private participation in research and development. 

    The PSF panel of four independent experts supported by two national peers worked from March to December 2018, including two missions to Tunisia to consult stakeholders and discuss potential recommendations. This final report was formally presented to the Tunisian government and stakeholder community in Tunis during September 2019. The PSF panel identified three key policy messages that underpin thirteen more detailed recommendations:

    1. Set up the right conditions for enabling effective R&I policy development.
    2. Strengthen synergies and coordination across R&I stakeholders and funding flows around well-selected priorities.
    3. Foster the engagement and performance of all key operators of the innovation ecosystem through well-designed incentives and support tools.

    Tunisia Report
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    Specific Support to Latvia II: Background report

    This report provides background information on the Latvian research and innovation system with specific focus on human capital for research and innovation. It includes a concise overview of Latvia’s current performance in research and innovation, and the defined national priorities and targets for research and innovation system development, as well as recent achievements in fulfilling the set objectives.

    Latvia Report
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    MLE on National Strategies and Roadmaps for International Cooperation in Research and Innovation: Thematic Report No 1

    This Thematic Report discusses main policy challenges and practices about the design and development of national strategies for international research and innovation (R&I) cooperation, including objectives and theories of change for international R&I strategies, selection of countries/regions and thematic priorities, the embedding and alignment challenge, the coordination challenge in developing and implementing R&I internationalisation strategies, the task of anticipating the future, and suggestions on how to assess progress in R&I internationalisation policy cooperation. 

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    Peer Review of the Maltese R&I system: Final Report

    The aim of the Peer Review of Malta’s R&I system is to feed into the preparation of Malta’s national strategy for R&D and innovation post-2020.

    The focus of the analysis is on the current National R&I Strategy 2020 and the policy mix, i.e. policies, measures and instruments supporting the public science base, public-private cooperation and business innovation dynamics. The Peer Review aims at supporting Malta’s efforts: 1) to continue R&I capacity building; 2) to improve the dynamics of the R&I system and 3) to improve the efficiency of current public investments in R&I.



    Malta Report
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    MLE on Open Science: Summary Article - Enabling Systemic Change through Mutual Learning

    Small fixes are not enough to reach Open Science’s full potential. Systemic and comprehensive change in science governance and evaluation is needed across the EU and beyond. This article summarises the work and the key lessons learned during a Mutual Learning Excersise on Open Science, carried out under the Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility (PSF).

    EU-28 Report
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    Specific Support to Georgia: Final Report – Improving the effectiveness of the Research and Innovation System in Georgia through prioritisation, selectivity and links to business

    The final report of the PSF Specific Support to the Georgian government builds on the analysis done by the independent panel of experts, their discussions, and feedback from national stakeholders about the problems in the predefined focus areas. The experts’ policy messages are summarised around four groups of issues: Coordination, Concentration, Collaboration and Coherence.



    Georgia Report