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    BERD financed by public (government only) funds

    Business enterprise R&D expenditure (BERD) financed by public funding (i.e. by the government) Other sources of public funding (i.e. Higher Education and EU funding) are not included. Created by filtering the original Eurostat dataset.

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    Data Catalogue Entry RIO_BERD_BY_PUBL
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    Specific Support to Cyprus: final report

    Following a request from the Cyprus authorities for a PSF Specific Support on the “Optimal Utilisation of Research Laboratories of Organisations funded by the Government, by the Business Community”, an international panel of experts was appointed by the Commission (Directorate-General for Research and Innovation).

    This report summarises the results of the expert panel’s deliberations. It provides an assessment of the current situation in Cyprus, identifies areas where policy action is required, and makes specific recommendations to boost the engagement between the RIs and the business community in Cyprus.

    Cyprus Report
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    MLE on National Strategies and Roadmaps for International Cooperation in Research and Innovation

    Research and innovation are increasingly interlinked internationally, aided by rapidly developing information and communication technologies. Global challenges require global effort and dialogue with international partners. In this context, the aim of the MLE is to foster a policy exchange on the various national approaches towards international cooperation in research and innovation. The exercise allows for comparisons in terms of policy-making and help identify inspiring novel practices, while covering topics such as design and development of national strategies for international cooperation in research and innovation, implementing toolbox and framework conditions.

    Moldova, Norway, Turkey, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden Exercise
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    Specific Support to Latvia II

    The aim of the PSF Specific Support to Latvia is to provide external advice and recommendations on reforms and actions to address the development of Latvia’s human capital for research and innovation (R&I), focusing on:

    • Policies for attracting and retaining talents in scientific and technological careers in Latvia and developing their skills and productivity – e.g. raising the attractiveness of scientific and technological (S&T) careers, attracting young talents in doctoral studies as well as internationally mobile talents (e.g ERC or Marie Sklodowska-Curie grantees), improving researchers’ careers' structure, working conditions, skills and productivity, and limiting brain drain.
    • Policies to develop S&T human resources and employment in businesses – e.g. growing the pool of S&T human resources and raising their long-term employment in knowledge-intensive business activities, through developing managerial and entrepreneurial skills, boosting science-business linkages or tax benefits.

    Latvia Exercise