PSF Country support to Romania, Moldova, and Slovakia



In 2016 the Peer Review under the Policy Support Facility (PSF) formulated a series of recommendations to align Moldovan research and innovation policy to international standards. The seven key policy messages covered issues regarding the set-up of suitable R&I governance mechanisms, including clear designation of ministerial responsibilities and a dedicated R&I implementation agency, the redress of the binary research and education system, safeguarding the depleted public R&I capacity and improving employment, funding and career opportunities of researchers, as well as the review of the framework conditions for innovation by putting in place a coherent set of policy measures. 

Since 2017, Moldova has started more actively to introduce research and innovation reforms. While the Academy of Sciences of Moldova has remained the supreme scientific forum, the entire funding system has been changed from centralised control to competitive financing mechanisms. After the reform the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of Moldova became the main player in the design of the national R&I policy. For R&I policy implementation a new agency – the National Agency for Research and Development (NARD) – was established in 2018. The new mechanism of funds distribution is functional since 2019. In 2018, the Government also approved the National Roadmap for Integration of the Republic of Moldova into the European Research Area during 2019-2021. 

With the newly requested PSF Country exercise (former PSF Peer review), the Moldovan authorities   have asked to provide recommendations to help address on-going challenges in the Moldovan research and innovation landscape and feed into the design of future R&I policies. The PSF support will address three main topics:

  1. Set up of a comprehensive policy for the development and effective use of the public research and innovation infrastructures
  2. Review of the funding system for public research 
  3. Measures aimed at strengthening the links between rеsеаrсh and business



The Romanian authorities have requested the support of the Horizon Europe Policy Support Facility (PSF) in designing and implementing reforms in the public science base in order to improve the quality and performance of the research and innovation system and accompany the country’s integration into the European Research Area. The PSF Country exercise (former PSF Peer review), which will start in May 2021, will focus on the public science base and its links with the private sector. It will help identify the key bottlenecks as well as the short and long-term measures, which are necessary to build the necessary research and development capacity and improve overall performance. 

Focus areas will be:

  1. Governance of the Romanian research and innovation system and structural changes 
  2. Framework conditions for public research
  3. Internationalisation of the Romanian research and innovation system in an inclusive European Research Area (including participation to the EU Framework Programmes, other relevant EU/international cooperation initiatives and researchers’ international mobility). 
  4. Public-private partnerships as key drivers for better innovation. 
  5. Efficiency, effectiveness and impact of the European Structural and Investment Funds in connection with the National R&D&I Plan (2015-2020). 



The Slovakian national authorities have requested a Policy Support Facility Country exercise (former PSF Peer review) to provide high-level experts and peer advice on possible reforms and actions to undertake in order to address the challenges of the national research and innovation system. Currently a dialogue between DG R&I and the Slovakian national authorities is taking place to define the specific research and innovation topics the project will focus on.


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