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Key indicators

The key indicators cover four innovation dimensions, i.e. Inputs-Investments, Framework Conditions, Innovation Outputs and Impact. They are based on data from well accredited sources, mainly Eurostat. All are accompanied by interactive visualisations.


Number of scientific publications among the top 10% most cited, in fractional counting.
Time coverage: 2000 to 2014

Innovation output

Composite indicator measuring the extent to which ideas stemming from innovative sectors are capable of reaching the market providing better jobs and making Europe more competitive. It complements the R&D intensity indicator (3% target of the Europe 2020 strategy) by focusing on innovation output.
Time coverage: 2010 to 2014
Defined as the ratio of turnover from products new to the enterprise and new to the market as a % of total turnover. Created by filtering the original Eurostat dataset.
Time coverage: 2004 to 2012


Total Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications by inventors and countries of residence at priority date and at application date.

Latest datasets

9 December 2015
2 April 2016
9 June 2016
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