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Specific Support to Slovenia



Specific Support to Slovenia: Analytical Background Report

The background report provides an overview of the Slovenian R&I system with a focus on the elements which are most relevant with regards to the science base and its cooperation with the business sector as well as to internationalisation.  

Specific Support to Slovenia: Final Report - Internationalisation of the science base and science-business cooperation

The report outlines the rationale behind the policy messages and recommendations proposed by the PSF panel to improve the internationalisation of the Slovenian science system and to improve the cooperation between the science base and business firms.


Kick-off meeting - Specific support to Slovenia

20 December 2016
DG Research and Innovation - Unit A4
Brussels, Belgium

The panel of expert met the Slovenian representatives and discussed the main results they expect to receive from the exercise. During the meeting the participants agreed in the milestones of the activity, and the dates of the country visits and a draft proposal for the agenda of the first visit was discussed.

First country visit - Specific Support to Slovenia

13 February 2017 to 15 February 2017
DG Research and Innovation - Unit A4
Ljubljana, Slovenia

The expert panel’s first visit to Slovenia enabled in-depth discussions with stakeholders from business and academia, as well as representatives of the Slovenian government. In particular, discussions focused on the main barriers to the internationalisation of the country’s science base and its cooperation with business, as well as the right policy levers to tackle these barriers.

First working meeting - Specific Support to Slovenia

28 March 2017
DG Research and Innovation - Unit A4
Brussels, Belgium

Based on the interviews with the Slovenian stakeholders, the expert panel discussed the challenges Slovenia is facing and the barriers that public policy should overcome with regard to internationalisation of the country’s science base and academia’s cooperation with business – as well as some specific policy recommendations. The experts also reviewed the issues that need to be addressed during the second country visit, and the preparation of the final report.

Second country visit - Specific Support to Slovenia

18 May 2017 to 19 May 2017
MIZŠ – Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
Ljubljana, Slovenia

The expert panel discussed with Slovenian authorities and stakeholders the main findings to date regarding the challenges the country faces in relation to internationalisation of its science base and business-academia cooperation – and the policy recommendations they have been developing.  In addition to the Slovenian authorities, the experts met representatives of Slovenian universities and the heads of major scientific research institutes, as well as with industry and business associations. The experts will use the information gathered in preparing the final report and finalising their policy recommendations.

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