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Specific Support to Bulgaria



Specific Support to Bulgaria - Summary Article: Fair, transparent, simple and low-cost: making a better performance-based research funding system for Bulgaria

This report was developed between February 2017 and February 2018 as a Specific Support Action to Bulgaria under the Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility (PSF), which provides expertise and operational support to Member States in designing, implementing and evaluating national research and innovation policies, including country Peer Reviews and Specific Support to policy reforms, as well as thematic Mutual Learning Exercises to improve policy-making practice through exchanges among several countries.

Specific Support to Bulgaria - Final Report: The research evaluation and performance-based funding system in Bulgaria

This report summarises the work of the PSF panel of four independent experts, from January to December 2017, including a mission to Sofia to consult stakeholders and discuss potential recommendations, to support the Bulgarian government.

Specific Support to Bulgaria - Background Report

The Background Report provides an overview of the Bulgarian science, research and innovation system in the context of the Specific Support to Bulgaria within the Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility.


Kick-off meeting - Specific support to Bulgaria

13 February 2017
DG Research and Innovation - Unit A4
Brussels, Belgium

During the kick-off meeting the Bulgarian authorities presented the rationale behind their request for the specific support and discuss with the PSF panel of experts the main bottlenecks in regards the funding allocation systems, more concretely as regards the performance based funding, and the main challenges in relation to the evaluation and assessment of the research institutions. Specific session was devoted to the presentation and discussion of the results of the pilot phase of the evaluation system launched in the context of the 'Regulation on monitoring and evaluation of research conducted by the universities and the scientific organizations as well as the activities of the National Science Fund' adopted in October 2015.

First country visit – Specific Support to Bulgaria

15 May 2017 to 17 May 2017
DG Research and Innovation - Unit A4
Sofia, Bulgaria

This Specific Support is a follow-up to the PSF Peer Review of the Bulgarian R&I system in 2015. It aims to support implementation of the review’s recommendations, in particular concerning the allocation system for institutional funding. During the visit the expert panel met the Bulgarian authorities involved in R&I policies, as well as representatives of research institutions, research communities and industry. They discussed the main challenges for the Bulgarian public funding system for R&I and the process for evaluation of public research institutions’ outcomes. This will provide the experts with further information on the key elements of the current funding allocation system, as well as the model for evaluation and monitoring of research organisations' activities. The visit will help them perform their analyses and propose recommendations tailored to the country's needs.

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