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Specific Support to Armenia



Specific Support to Armenia: Final Report

The aim of the PSF Specific Support for Armenia, carried out by a panel of independent European research and innovation policy experts from April 2019 to February 2020, was to assist in reforming and reinforcing the performance of the Armenian research institutions and enhancing cooperation between higher education and research institutions. Drawing on the experience of other EU and associated countries, notably the Baltic States, the PSF team developed 19 recommendations and a roadmap for their implementation covering three main topics: - A proposal for research evaluation arrangements and the launch of a first national level evaluation of publicly funded research institutions; - Design of a performance-based funding system and advice on future implementation; and - Development of a set of policy measures aimed at bridging the gap between higher education and research institutes, and notably supporting a shift towards research-based education in universities.

Specific Support to Armenia: factsheet

An overview of the Specific Support to Armenia.

Specific Support to Armenia: Expert panel

Expert panel of the Specific Support to Armenia.

Specific Support to Armenia: Background report

This background report provides information on the economic situation and state of affairs in research, development, and innovation in Armenia, as well as on the quality of the country's science base, human resources and framework conditions for R&I.


Specific Support to Armenia: kick-off meeting

16 April 2019
DG Research and Development, Unit A4
Brussels, Belgium

The kick-off meeting was the first opportunity for the PSF expert panel to meet the Armenian authorities who have requested PSF Specific Support. Discussions covered the study’s work schedule, including the research, meta-analyses and interviews with Armenian experts, national authorities and other stakeholders necessary to fully understand the needs of Armenia’s research and innovation system, especially in terms of evaluation and performance-based funding.   

Specific Support to Armenia: 1st country visit

20 May 2019 to 22 May 2019
Yerevan, Armenia

This fact-finding visit to Armenia was the PSF expert panel’s first opportunity to meet the country’s research and innovation stakeholders in situ. The findings fed into the recommendations to the Armenian authorities to address the three challenges: assessing public research institutions’ performance, improving the country’s performance-based funding system, and bridging the gap between higher education and research.

Specific Support to Armenia: second country visit

7 October 2019 to 9 October 2019
Yerevan, Armenia

This second mission to Armenia was another opportunity for the PSF expert panel to meet the country’s research and innovation stakeholders. Discussions covered draft recommendations of experts on how to address three key R&I challenges: assessing research performance, performance-based funding systems, and improving links between higher education and research. The findings from these visits helped to finalise the panel’s recommendations to the Armenian authorities.

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