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Mutual Learning

Mutual learning exercises focus on specific R&I challenge of interest to several Member States and Associated Countries and draw on a hands-on project-based exchange of good practice.

Its aim is to identify good practices, lessons learned and success factors based on robust evidence. Mutual learning exercises have addressed topics such as the Administration and monitoring of R&D tax incentives, Evaluation of business R&D grant schemes and the Evaluation of complex public private partnerships, among others.

11 January 2016 to 31 October 2016

Differences exist across EU Member States with regard to the administration and control of the R&D tax incentives systems, notably in relation to the use of R&D definitions (stemming from e.g. Frascati manual or EU block exemption regulation), the interpretation/implementation of those definitions, the eligibility of costs, etc. This MLE was an opportunity to investigate those various topics which so far had not been discussed at this level of details in any other forum and to learn from each other on possible approaches to tackle those issues.

2 March 2015 to 31 August 2015

This pilot MLE focused on identifying specific challenges for policy-makers regarding the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of four policy instruments: Research and Innovation fiscal incentives, e.g. tax credits; financial instruments (loans, guarantees, equity); outputs of business research and innovation support grants, and public-private-partnerships in the form of joint funding of research and innovation activities.


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