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MLE on Research Integrity



MLE on Research Integrity: Thematic Report No 2 - Incentives

This thematic report provides the lessons learned from the Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) devoted to research integrity. The focus of this report is on setting incentives to promote and foster research integrity. 

MLE on Research Integrity: Thematic Report No1 - Processes and Structures

This Report focuses on the first priority topic – Processes and structures to promote RI and deal with allegations of research misconduct. The Paper is based on the review of existing relevant literature and documentation, information about RI framework in 14 countries for research integrity (RI) presented at the Kick-off Meeting and consultations with the representatives of the participating countries. The final input for the Report was provided from the discussions during the first Working Meeting in Oslo on 30 January 2019.

MLE on Research Integrity: Modus Operandi

The Modus Operandi defines the scope, the objectives, envisaged outcomes and the preliminary time schedule of the MLE. It also describes the working approach and methodology the group will follow as well as the distribution of work of all participants.

MLE on Research Integrity: Factsheet

An overview of the Mutual Learning Exercise on Research Integrity.

MLE on Research Integrity: Expert panel

Expert panel of the MLE on Research Integrity.   


MLE on Research Integrity: kick-off meeting

14 November 2018
DG Research and Innovation - Unit A4
Brussels, Belgium

The launch of the PSF Mutual Learning Exercise on Research integrity brought representatives of 14 countries together with external experts in the field to exchange good practices to promote research integrity in Europe. Participants presented what is the current status in their countries – including existing practices, challenges and expectations of the four topics that the MLE will address: incentives, dialogue & communication, training processes & structures. After discussing the topics, participants agreed together on the scope of the MLE as well as on the timeline.

MLE on Research Integrity: first country visit

30 January 2019
DG Research and Innovation - Unit A4
The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees , Oslo, Norway

During the MLE’s first country visit, the participants focused on exchanging national practices on the first of its four priority areas: stimulating processes and structures that support research integrity. The visit included meetings with Norwegian research and innovation stakeholders to understand institutional, national and cross-border perspectives.

MLE on Research Integrity: second country visit – dialogue & communication and incentives

11 March 2019 to 12 March 2019
DG Research and Innovation - Unit A4
Athens, Greece

The focus for the MLE’s second country visit was two of its four priority areas: promoting positive incentives and spreading research integrity culture among stakeholders through communication and dialogue. The MLE participants met Greek national representatives and discussed how incentives and dialogue among relevant stakeholders contribute to make research integrity stronger in Europe.  

MLE on Research Integrity: third country visit – enhancing training

14 May 2019
DG Research and Innovation - Unit A4
Paris, France

The MLE’s third country visit focused on the last of its four priority areas: enhancing training on research integrity in all stages of researchers’ careers. MLE participants from 14 countries visited Paris, France, to meet French research authorities and stakeholders in order to exchange good practices and lessons learned on this essential topic – a foundation for excellent science and societal trust.  

MLE on Research Integrity – Final meeting

26 June 2019
DG Research and Innovation – Unit A4
Vilnius, Lithuania

The final meeting of the MLE RI will take place in Vilnius, where Lithuanian stakeholders will present the state of Research Integrity in Lithuania. Participants will discuss the final report of the Mutual Learning Exercise on Research Integrity, and the main examples of good practice and lessons learned during the activity.  

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