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MLE on Measures to Stimulate Business Research and Innovation



MLE on measures to stimulate business research and innovation

At a workshop organised with Member State representatives on 22 October 2014 to discuss their potential needs for the Policy Support Facility many Member States expressed their need to benefit from external expertise and sharing of best practice, focusing on the practicalities of specific R&I policies at the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation phases. In relation to previous mutual learning exercises this marked a change calling for a more hands-on approach for such exercises. This report summarises the outcome of the work of an Expert Group, appointed by the Commission to develop a new methodology for in-depth Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) between national policy-makers. In its task the Expert Group was to focus on measures to stimulate business research and innovation and to use that area as a testing ground for the methodology that would facilitate Mutual Learning. The Expert Group finished its work at the end of August, 2015.

Mutual Learning Exercise - A proposal for a new methodology

This publication describes the proposal for a new in-depth methodology for Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) between national policy makers under the Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility. It outlines the principles of this methodology representing hands-on project type of collaboration among a small group of countries and is driven by policy challenges as identified by the participating Member States.

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