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MLE on Evaluation of Complex PPP Programmes in STI



MLE - Evaluation of Complex PPP Programmes in STI

This report summarises the work and lessons learnt by the Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) on Evaluation of Complex Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Programmes in STI. MLE is a project-based learning process whereby participating countries, assisted by a small group of experts, jointly examine a challenge-driven question in more detail. Belgium/Flanders, Bulgaria, Norway, and Sweden were the participant countries in this exercise. The MLE project addressed PPPs which are strategic (often virtual) centres or network type of organisations for promoting sector- or challenge-based research involving multiple partners and promoting public-private collaboration in STI. The MLE examined the PPPs within a policy cycle frame, drawing on available knowledge on public-private partnerships in research and evaluation literature, and lessons learnt on the concrete cases and experiences of the participating countries.


Final Workshop - MLE on Evaluation of Complex PPP Programmes in STI

19 October 2016
DG Research and Innovation - Unit A4
Brussels, Belgium

The Final Workshop in Brussels discussed the findings of the project and the lessons learnt with the participating countries and other interested Member States.

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