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Scientific Grant Agency VEGA

VEGA is a joint advisory body of the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sports and an auxiliary body of the presidium of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) for projects selected for funding from institutional finance resources under two sub-chapters of the State Budget: the University-based science and technology, and the Slovak Academy of Science. The key activity of the VEGA is to support basic research in the SAS and universities in general and institutional finance in particular. The VEGA is an advisory body in field of implementation of S&T policies, financing basic research and evaluation of research projects.


Vedecká grantová agentúra MŠVVaŠ SR a SAV (VEGA)
Ministerstvo školstva, vedy, výskumu a športu SR, Stromová 1, 813 30 Bratislava, Slovakia
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