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Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania

The mission of the Ministry is to promote the welfare and employment providing favorable legal and economic environment for private and public businesses.

The Ministry of Economy prepares the projects of laws and other legal acts in its competence area.The Ministry of Economy forms the policy and the strategy of innovation and technology development. The Ministry performs the following functions: - Formation and implementation of innovation and technology development policy in Lithuania and coordination of its implementation; - Development of business environment and business support infrastructure: development of science and technology parks, innovation centres, business incubators and business information centres. Incentive and support for company innovation activities; - Analysis and benchmarking of innovation policy in the EU and some other countries; - Stakeholder and member of the Board of the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology.

LR Ukio Ministerija
Gedimino pr. 38/2, 01104 Vilnius, Lithuania
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