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10 July 2019

Retaining and nurturing skilled researchers is key to building a dynamic knowledge-intensive economy. Aware of this, Latvia has called on the services of Policy Support Facility experts to explore ways of further boosting its human capital for research and innovation (R&I).

9 July 2019

Malta, the smallest EU Member State, has a booming economy with full employment and a solid budget surplus. Tourism, gaming as well as financial and business services are spearheading impressive growth, but how sustainable is all this? This is what the Maltese government had in mind when it asked a panel of Policy Support Facility (PSF) experts for advice on how to boost the fundamentals of its research and innovation (R&I) system, in order for it to be a driver of a sustainable future.

13 May 2019

Armenia is a land of great heights. The country is more mountainous than Switzerland, with peaks that could challenge the Alps. And when it comes to research it has ambitions to match. Having joined Horizon 2020 as an associated country in 2016, the Armenian government has asked the PSF for specific support in designing reforms to boost its research performance. The study kicked off in Brussels on 16 April.

15 April 2019

Find out in this video how the H2020 PSF helps EU Member States and countries associated to H2020 with practical advice on how to enhance the quality of their research and innovation investments, policies and systems.

9 April 2019

National experts from 15 countries are meeting in Brussels to kick off a wide-reaching mutual learning exercise (MLE) aimed at developing national strategies and roadmaps for future international cooperation in research and innovation (R&I). The meeting sets the scope and lays down an initial programme of topics to be addressed in the course of the one-year study which involves a series of country visits.

22 March 2019

its neighbours and embarked on a process of accession to the European Union. The government is now developing regulations, policies and funding schemes to foster and internationalise the country’s nascent entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem. Montenegro called on the Policy Support Facility (PSF) for support in this – and the PSF panel presented their policy messages and recommendations on 25 March in Podgorica.

21 March 2019

Helping scientists and entrepreneurs to work together is a key way of encouraging innovation. Many countries try to facilitate this and Cyprus is no exception – in fact the country is looking to boost such efforts. A new Policy Support Facility panel of experts is exploring ways of optimising the use of public research infrastructures in Cyprus by businesses.

7 February 2019

Denmark is a trendsetter: from furniture design, to urban cycling and the growing international popularity of ‘hygge’. The country is an ‘innovation leader’ according to the European Innovation Scoreboard, and has an admirable track record in research and innovation (R&I). The Danish government is now keen to see its knowledge-based innovation system rank among the global elite.

14 December 2018

On 21 November, the Open Science Conference 2018, organised back-to-back by the Belgian authorities and European Commission, reflected upon the Belgian and European Open Science landscapes; the challenges and opportunities, including incentives, skills and rewards– based on the findings of the PSF Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) on Open Science.

14 December 2018

A new report provides a snapshot of key ‘innovation procurement’ lessons from a Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) carried out by experts brought together by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility. Presented at the Austrian Presidency conference Ecovation 2018 in Vienna, Austria, on 26 November, the report on ‘Innovation-related Procurement’ offers insights, good practices and policy recommendations to strengthen professionalism in this important field, and, more broadly, to promote investment in innovation.

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