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R&I policy documents and other information provided here focus in particular on areas of relevance for R&I policies
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Netherlands 2016 National Report or Publication

Study of the Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis on the effect of policy measures within Dutch innovation policy.

Netherlands 2016 National Report or Publication

The activities of the RDAs are positively evaluated with some critical remarks. The Ministry of EA will continue funding of the five RDAs with €1m per year each.

Netherlands 2016 National Report or Publication

Evaluation of the scheme for SMEs. Although the effectiveness could not be assesed the scheme will be continued until 2022..

Netherlands 2016 National Support Measure

Update of the technology pact 2020 with a revision of measures and action lines.

Netherlands 2016 National Report or Publication

Follow-up agenda of the previous digital agenda. The goal is to stimulate digitalisation, but also protection against cybersecurity.  Actions on themes like education, innovation, infrastructure, cybercrime and entrepreneurship.

Netherlands 2016 National Support Measure

The top teams of representatives of the Top Sectors updated the original innovation contracts and alligned these with the EU flagship initiatives serving as catalysts for the Europe 2020 objectives: "Innovation Union", "A resource efficient Europe", a "Digital Agenda for Europe" and "An Industrial Policy for the Globalisation ERA".

Finland 2016 National Report or Publication

The Academy of Finland’s reviews of the state of scientific research in Finland support Finnish universities and research institutes in their efforts to further develop their operations. The reviews also serve to strengthen the knowledge base for policy-making. The 2016 review of the state of scientific research in Finland analyses research personnel and funding, publishing, scientific impact and co-publications. The bibliometric analyses compare Finland to twelve research-intensive countries.

Finland 2016 National Legal Document

This action plan provides a more detailed description of the timetables, measures and financing of the key projects. It is a programme for change to which the Government is strongly committed. The Government has decided to make a one-off appropriation of EUR 1 billion for the key projects and determined the allocation of the funds in the General Government Fiscal Plan for 2016–2018. This Government action plan will be implemented within the framework of said funding, the existing authorised spending limits and the other provisions of the General Government Fiscal Plan.

United Kingdom 2016 National Report or Publication

This case proposes to integrate research and Innovate UK functions, which offers an opportunity to strengthen the strategic approach to future challenges and maximise value from Government’s investment in research and innovation. The new body will be known as UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) to reflect the full range of its functions.

United Kingdom 2016 National Report or Publication

This headline findings report presents the early analysis of the 2015 UK Innovation Survey (UKIS 2015). Following an overview of the data collection and methodology, this report goes on to discuss the key business innovation statistics. The headline figures look at changes in business innovation for new and improved products and processes (technological innovation) and for business structures, management and marketing practices (non-technological innovation).


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