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R&I policy documents and other information provided here focus in particular on areas of relevance for R&I policies
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Ireland 2016 National Report or Publication

Government’s fifth Action Plan for Jobs

Biała Księga Innowacji
Poland 2016 National Report or Publication

This document outlines in details areas for public intervention and regulatory changes, intended to promote the innovativeness of the economy. It was prepared by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education at the request of the Innovation Council. 

Slovakia 2016 National Support Measure

A strategic document for the ex-ante conditionality and the implementation of the Action Plan for the RIS3 document in 2014-2020. This strategic document follows the article 9 of the EU regulation 1303/2013 on the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund, Cohesion Fund and European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.

The document defines:

Slovakia 2016 National Support Measure

The Slovak Government passed the Resolution on the SRDA Programmes in the period 2016-2019 on 24 February 2016.

The three SRDA programmes have a total budget of 92 m€ and they are:

  • Support to building personnel infrastructure in all sectors of R&D;
  • Support to private R&D and cooperation of businesses with research organisations;
  • Support to H2020 projects.
Luxembourg 2016 National Report or Publication

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and TIR Consulting Group LLC have engaged in a deep collaborative initiative over the past twelve months, designed to transform the country into the first nation-state of the smart green Third Industrial Revolution era. The year-long project has culminated in a 475 page Third Industrial Revolution Strategy Study to help guide the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg into the next stage of its journey. The process itself has established a new milestone in the governance of economic and social development.

4e Plan d’action national en faveur des PME
Luxembourg 2016 National Support Measure

The document includes 99 measures structured in 10 main axes: the promotion of entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurial spirit, the adaptation of regulations to the evolution of the labour market, more accessible financing and the creation of a favourable environment for innovation and research.

Luxembourg 2016 National Legal Document

This document is the 2016 edition of the National Reform Programme of Luxembourg, which reviews the implementation status of measures announced in 2015 and addresses the 2015-2016 Council recommendations. In addition it takes on Luxembourg's national objectives for 2020, the priorities of the Annual Growth Survey 2016 and the conclusions of Luxembourg's 2016 Country Report published by the Commision in February 2016.

Netherlands 2016 National Report or Publication

This report provides broad advice on important future policy options for promoting sustainable growth.

Netherlands 2016 National Support Measure

This report presents the results of the fIve-yearly evaluation of the topsector approach by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Netherlands 2016 National Report or Publication

This report (Flexibliseren, differentieren en scherper kiezen: balans van de topsectoren) presents the results of the five yearly evaluation of the topsector approach by the Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (AWTI).


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