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R&I policy documents and other information provided here focus in particular on areas of relevance for R&I policies
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Belgium, Regional perspective 2017 National Legal Document

The Wallonia Small Bussiness Act aims (among other things) at making the administrative procedures between SMEs and the Walloon authorities smoother by streamlining the interaction process. It forms part of a larger strategic agenda called Marshall Pan 4.0 that was approved in May 2015 and that envisages to make the region of Wallonia more competitive.

Finland, Regional perspective 2017 EU Report or Publication

This case study aims to identify key success factors in Espoo innovation ecosystem, with particular attention to the role of Aalto University. In addition to highlighting key enabling factors and catalysers, it describes the main quadruple helix actors and explains their role in facilitating and driving the emergence of this innovation ecosystem. In particular it analyses how several of these actors – notably, but not only, Aalto University – have orchestrated this evolution.

Plan Régional pour l'Innovation 2016 - 2020
Belgium, Regional perspective 2016 National Legal Document

In July 2016, the Government of the Brussels Capital Region approved the new Regional Innovation Plan 2016-2020. The plan aims to be the reference framework for the research and innovation policy and a catalyst for socio-economic development, while also promoting the welfare of the inhabitants of Brussels.

Small Business Act
Belgium, Regional perspective 2016 National Report or Publication

The "Small Business Act" or SBA is an action plan which aims to support SME's and entrepreneurship in Brussels.

It contains 77 measures within five development pillars to be implemented between 2016 and 2025 :

Programme Régional en Economie Circulaire
Belgium, Regional perspective 2016 Other

The PREC (for the Regional Program in Circular Economy), was adopted by the Government on 10 March 2016.

With the PREC, the Region also wants to position itself as a particularly innovative European region, as a forerunner of public policy in support of the development of the circular economy through a voluntary approach to the efficient management of its resources.

Belgium, Regional perspective 2016 National Legal Document

The purpose of this plan is to implement a professional and innovation-oriented purchasing policy with the Flemish government. The plan also provides for the expansion necessary to achieve the stated goal of 100% sustainable public procurement by 2020.

Belgium, Regional perspective 2016 National Legal Document

The STEM Action Plan aims to encourage young people to choose scientific, technical, technological and mathematical university majors and professions. It has resulted in the STEM Monitor, an indicator dashboard that systematically tracks inflow into, and successful completion of, STEM studies at various levels of education.

From 2016 onwards the emphasis will be on target group policy (girls, technical and vocational secondary education and young people with a disadvantaged socio-economic background), as well as on the relevance of STEM to society.

KMO-groei subsidie
Belgium, Regional perspective 2016 National Support Measure

The SME growth subsidy is a national support scheme. SME's that comply with a certain amount of criteria laid out by the flemish government can apply for a subsidy that aims at fostering growth for the SME's. This subsidy can be accessed since the 11th of May 2016 and can go up to € 50,000.

Grant voor toegepast biomedisch onderzoek
Belgium, Regional perspective 2016 National Support Measure

The grant for "Applied Biomedical research with primary social ends" (TBM) aims at financing clinical research in order to contribute to new treatment methods or preventive measures for certain diseases for a better health in Flanders. The budget of the programme was raised to € 13.8m, a doubling over previous years.


FTI-Strategie Burgenland 2025
Austria, Regional perspective 2015 National Legal Document

The strategy is part of Burgenland's smart specialisation process. It establishes the priority areas sustainable energy, quality of life, and intelligent processes, technologies and products.


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