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R&I policy documents and other information provided here focus in particular on areas of relevance for R&I policies
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BEFEKTETÉS A TUDÁSBA, BEFEKTETÉS A JÖVŐBE Magyarország megújított kutatási, fejlesztési és innovációs stratégiája
Hungary 2018 Other

The original National Research and Development and Innovation Strategy (2013-2020) was reviewed in 2016 in view of the national and international developments in the field and a decision was made to update the strategy. Currently there is a version offered for public consultation which will serve as the basis for the final updated strategy. It is based on the analysis of the current situation and the strategic aims and goals were adjusted accordingly. It also contains an outlook for 2030. It is a version for public consultation and not accepted by the Government.

Belgium, Regional perspective 2017 Other

Launched in January 2017, this program aims at raising awareness and providing support for companies in their transition towards Industry 4.0. A related initiative is Construction 4.0, aimed at the digitization of the construction sector, and which will kick off with a roadshow in 2017.

Regional perspective 2017 Other

Adopted by the government in May 2017, the 3 new decrees replace the former one dating back to 2008. They contain updated modalities for support mechanisms and bring the schemes in line with European regulations and changes in the Flemish RDI governance structure.

Regional perspective 2017 Other

Published in February-March 2017, these notes of the Flemish Government respectively put the transition towards Industry 4.0 and the low-carbon and circular economy on the policy agenda. The notes also define specific steps to move forward, including how the governance of these transitions will be handled.

Belgium, Regional perspective 2016 Other

Adopted in July 2016, the updated framework programme for creativity and innovation in the Walloon Region will pay more attention to SMEs, to the relation with the industrial and public sector, to skills development and to the adaptation of education systems.

Regional perspective 2016 Other

Adopted in 2015 and into force in 2016, the decree updates the 2008 decree by more explicitly targeting excellence while also improving the efficiency of support schemes.

Regional perspective 2016 Other

Adopted in July 2016, the strategy aims to promote initiative and consistency for sustainable development in the public policies of the Walloon Region. It contains 17 goals and 169 targets that the governments have committed to achieving by 2030.

Luxembourg 2016 Other

The OECD review of Luxembourg’s innovation policy 2016 is part of a series of OECD country reviews of innovation policy.

The purpose of this review is to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the key elements, relationships and dynamics that drive the Luxembourg innovation system and the opportunities to enhance it through government policy. More specifically, the review:

Programme Régional en Economie Circulaire
Belgium, Regional perspective 2016 Other

The PREC (for the Regional Program in Circular Economy), was adopted by the Government on 10 March 2016.

With the PREC, the Region also wants to position itself as a particularly innovative European region, as a forerunner of public policy in support of the development of the circular economy through a voluntary approach to the efficient management of its resources.

Portugal 2016 Other

This iniatitive by the Ministry of Economy intends to provide the conditions for Portugal's industrial fabric to exploit the opportunities and to respond the challenges stemming from digitalisation.


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