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Hungary 2018 National Report or Publication

As part of the European Semester every member state submits its National Reform Programme to present the steps taken in response to the country specific recommendations given by the European Council, as well as the measures they have adopted in order to achieve the headline targets defined for the implementation of the Europe 2020 Strategy. Hungary presents key measures and steps to improve competitiveness and the business environment, as well as projects aimed at developing the society’s human resources.

Nemzeti Kutatási Infrastruktúra Útiterv
Hungary 2018 National Report or Publication

The aim of the document introducing the situation and vision of the Hungarian research infrastructures is to present to the European Union how Hungary plans the issue of one of the particularly important RDI resources, namely the research infrastructures (RI). The document presents the vision for national RIs and, related to it, presents in detail the situation of the Hungarian RI and the process, in the framework of which the Hungarian RIs have been assessed within the National Research Infrastructure Survey and Roadmap project.

Akční plán rozvoje lidských zdrojů pro výzkum, vývoj a inovace a genderové rovnosti ve výzkumu, vývoji a inovacích v ČR na léta 2018 až 2020
Czech Republic 2018 National Report or Publication

The Action Plan was drafted by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and approved by the the Government in January 2018. The Action Plan addresses a wide range of topics related to development of human resources in RDI, including gender equality and gender mainstreaming, the quality of institutional environments, promotion of Ph.D. students and early career researchers, inter-sectorial and international mobility and popularisation of RDI results. 

Portugal 2017 National Report or Publication

The strategy is aimed at promoting a better management of ICTs in Public Administration as a tool for administrative simplification, enabling to provide better services to citizens and companies. Additional objectives are related to cost reduction and resource sharing. The strategy, which will run until 2020, encompasses 12 measures clustered around three axes: integration and interoperability; innovation and competitiveness, and resource sharing.

Portugal 2017 National Report or Publication

This programme is intended to stimulate Scientific Employment in Portugal. It has 4 main objectives: (1) to strengthen advanced education; (2) to promote the scientific system’s inter-organisational cooperation (Cooperative Laboratories); (3) to improve scientific employment as well as the development of scientific careers; and (4) to strengthen the internationalization of scientific and academic activities. 

Slovenia 2017 National Report or Publication

The National Reform Programme provides basic guidelines and objectives for 2017 and 2018 to be pursued by the Government, while observing EU rules and limitations in trends in public finance and the broader macroeconomic environment. In 2016, Slovenia recorded 2.5% growth in GDP, which is more than was anticipated in the Spring Forecast for 2016, when growth was forecasted at 1.7%.

Slovenia 2017 National Report or Publication

The Development Report is an annual publication that monitors the fulfilment of strategic guidelines for Slovenia’s development in economic, social and environmental areas. The strategic development framework for Slovenia was set out in Slovenia’s Development Strategy adopted by Slovenia’s government for the period from 2005 to 2013. The Report brings not only the data on economic and social development, but also provides assessment of the trends by the IMAD’s experts.

Slovenia 2017 National Report or Publication

The annual report of Slovenian Research Agency (SRA) brings complete picture on the financing schemes of the SRA, not just in 2016, but provides also the comparison with recent years. It explains trends in the number of supported programmes and projects as well as in the amounts of financial support. Since SRA is the major funder of the public research organisations, the trends give good indication of the development in the public research domain. 

Hodnocení velkých výzkumných infrastruktur 2017
Czech Republic 2017 National Report or Publication

A comprehensive interim evaluation of 58 large research infrastructures has been carried out in 2017. The MEYS organized the evaluation using international peer-review based and conforming to the rigorous evaluation standards of ESFRI. The Government recognized the evaluation in November 2017 and the results will be considered in the forthcoming decision on funding of the infrastructures – both from the national budget and ESIF - over 2020-2022.

Denmark 2017 National Report or Publication

The objective of the RESEARCH2025-catalogue is to provide a consolidated overview showing the most important research areas of the future as seen from the perspectives of businesses, organisations, ministries, Danish knowledge institutions as well as a wide variety of other stakeholders. In a bottom-up process involving more than 100 stakeholders in Denmark, 476 suggestions for the catalogue were provided.


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