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Specific Support to Tunisia: Final Report

The Tunisian government requested specific support from the PSF, as a basis for improving the definition of research priorities and promoting private participation in research and development. 

The PSF panel of four independent experts supported by two national peers worked from March to December 2018, including two missions to Tunisia to consult stakeholders and discuss potential recommendations. This final report was formally presented to the Tunisian government and stakeholder community in Tunis during September 2019. The PSF panel identified three key policy messages that underpin thirteen more detailed recommendations:

  1. Set up the right conditions for enabling effective R&I policy development.
  2. Strengthen synergies and coordination across R&I stakeholders and funding flows around well-selected priorities.
  3. Foster the engagement and performance of all key operators of the innovation ecosystem through well-designed incentives and support tools.
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Monday, 12 August, 2019
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