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Research Performance Based Funding Systems: a Comparative Assessment

Research performance based funding is used by most EU Member States to increase the performance of their public research system. This report analyses the different nature of systems in EU Member States, selected associated and third countries. It aims to inform Member States which are in a process of mutual learning to improve the design of their research funding allocation mechanisms.

  • Research Performance based funding systems provide incentives to increase scientific performance and concentrates resources in well performing organisations
  • Novel quantitative data on project vs institutional funding by Member State
  • The nature of systems in place differs widely and the specific features of RPBF assessment designs can generate unintended consequences
  • The assessment suggests RPBF as a potential avenue for several Member States
  • The choice for specific designs, taking into accounts costs and potential benefits, should take into account the national context
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Saturday, 16 April, 2016
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