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RD&I strategy "Knowledge Based Estonia 2014-2020"

The RD&I strategy for 2014-2020 "Knowledge Based Estonia 2014-2020" is Estonia's third strategy on research and development and innovation. While the previous strategies focused primarily on developing Estonia's capability in research and development and innovation, the new strategy aims to use the created potential for the good of Estonia's development and economic growth. In the setting of priorities the methodology of smart specialisation served as basis.
The strategy identifies four key goals: Research in Estonia is of a high level and diverse; Research and development functions in the interests of Estonia’s society and economy; Research and development improves the knowledge-intensity of the structure of the economy; Estonia is active and visible in international RD&I cooperation.

Eesti teadus- ja arendustegevuse ning innovatsiooni strateegia 2014-2020 "Teadmistepõhine Eesti"
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