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The PREF study – Analysis of national public research funding

The JRC managed Public Research Funding (PREF) study has collected information on and analysed national public research funding. It provides an overview of its evolution and current state in European and selected non-European countries, particularly as concerns funding themes, fields and the types of allocation (competitive project based versus institutional funding). The study was conducted by a consortium led by IRCRES CNR and involving researchers from USI, AIT and NIFU as well as a number of country experts. 


The reports aim:

- For the countries considered, to collect quantitative and qualitative data (financial data and descriptors) on the evolution of public R&D funding for the period 2000-2014, including robust and reliable estimations of the shares allocated on project basis and as institutional funding.

- To break down and provide a detailed analysis public R&D funding in terms of competitive and non-competitive funding, and of the weight placed on scientific-technological (S&T) fields, Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) and Societal Grand Challenges (SGCs).

- To describe the funding allocation mechanisms, including flows to and from funding agencies and the criteria used as the basis for allocation decisions.

- Using the above-described data, to analyse specific issues in public research policy, particularly concerning the characteristics of national funding profiles and the funding devoted to specific research objectives.

- To provide a detailed methodological handbook to explain the approach taken to brake down national GBARD figures by streams and instruments.

- To provide Country ID cards for each of the 28 EU MS and a number of selected third countries.

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Thursday, 28 September, 2017
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