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MLE on Performance-based Research Funding: Original Article - Performance-based research funding and its role in the research governance policy mix

A growing number of countries are using performance-based research funding systems (PRFS) as part of their research policy mix. The European Commission as well as other international entities such as the OECD and the UNESCO often promote PRFS as a solution for research governance issues. Their comparative novelty as policy instruments, however, means that often, the complexity in their design is underestimated, their value as policy instruments misunderstood, or the risks and negative (undesired) effects that they may have on the research system not sufficiently accounted for. 


This article brings together evidence and experience about when and how PRFS can fruitfully be used to support policy development based on a number of projects conducted under DG RTD’s Policy Support Facility, in particular the Mutual Learning Exercise on performance-based research funding systems in universities, but also in the MLE on Open Science and in the Specific Support actions for Latvia, Slovenia, Georgia and Bulgaria.  

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Friday, 29 June, 2018
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