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France - Research and Innovation performance

The country profiles aim to provide an operational tool for stakeholders and policy-makers to support the framing of research and innovation (R&I) policies and to facilitate the monitoring of performance, on the basis of a holistic economic and indicator-based analysis.


The challenge to revitalise industry

France set a national R&D intensity target of 3%. The French government has over the past years taken a wealth of policy measures in the domain of research and innovation. This has resulted in some progress as regards R&D intensity, which increased from 2.08% in 2000 to 2.26% in 2014, but with a rate of growth which is insufficient to meet the 3% target.

France has made particular progress in terms of the number of new doctoral graduates, and international scientific co-publications. At the same time, France still faces particular challenges when looking at is performance in terms of scientific excellence, export of knowledge intensive services or innovative SMEs.

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Monday, 3 November, 2014
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