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Final report on the collection of patents and business indicators by economic sector: Societal Grand Challenges and Key Enabling Technologies

This report provides empirical evidence for the Business activities in KETs and SGCs in the EU and its main comparators. It analyses the relationship between R&D expenditures and structural changes in KETs and SGCs. One of the major challenges was to estimate BERD, value added and employment by KETs, SGCs and the WIPO35 list of technology fields, as these indicators are only available at the sectoral (NACE 2-digit) level. BERD estimates by SGC and the provision of a list of IPC classes assigned to each of the technology-oriented Societal Grand Challenges (SGCs) of Horizon2020 are among the main outcomes of this study which was conducted by a consortium led by Fraunhofer ISI  and involving researchers from Technopolis and  Stifterverband.

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Thursday, 18 January, 2018
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