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Slovenia - Organisations

This section provides short information on the main relevant Organisations within the national R&I system.
Svet za znanost in tehnologijo RS

The Council for Science and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia is a professional advisory body to the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. The Council consists of fourteen appointed members and eight members by position. The chairperson and the members are appointed for a period of four years. The Council reports to the Government at least once a year.

Evro-sredozemska univerza (EMUNI)

Since its establishment in 2008, the Euro-Mediterranean University, one of the priority projects of the Union for the Mediterranean, has become an international institution, which gathers expert knowledge and experience of the Euro-Mediterranean countries and thus contributes in a significant way to the creation of a unified, integrated Euro-Mediterranean higher education and research area.

The University conducts research activities in all scientific fields of research, classified in accordance with the international classification Frascati (Unesco, 2002).

Služba Vlade Republike Slovenije za razvoj in evropsko kohezijsko politiko

The Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy is responsible for: European cohesion policy, development, European territorial cooperation and international financial mechanisms. In addition, it is involved in the preparation of the  Slovenia’s Development Strategy and other strategic documents. The office also monitors the implementation of development policies and programmes.

Urad RS Slovenije za makroekonomske analize in razvoj (UMAR)

The Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development (IMAD) is an independent government office. Its Director answers directly to the President of the Government. MAD's main tasks include a) monitoring, analysing and evaluating current trends, as well as the economic, social and environmental dimensions of development; b) preparing short- and medium-term forecasts of macroeconomic aggregates; c) preparing analyses that serve as a basis for strategic decision-making and economic and development policy measures and d) research work.

Ministrstvo za gospodarski razvoj in tehnologijo (MGRT)

The MEDT is - together with the MESS - the key policy maker in the field of R&D and technology, especially as it relates to R&D and innovation in the business sector. The MEDT has also a strong influence on funding R&D activities, especially through its Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Development, Investment and Tourism (SPIRIT) and Slovene Enterprise Fund (SEF).

Ministrstvo za izobraževanje, znanost in šport (MIZS)

The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (MESS) was established in March 2013 and it replaced the ex-MESCS (Ex-Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport). The current ministry through various directorates covers all fields of education (from a pre-school level to the university level), science and sport. The MESS is composed of seven directorates; it has a number of dedicated services, including the Unit for Cohesion policy and the International Cooperation and EU Office. The Office for Youth and the Inspectorate for Education and Sport are attached to MESS.

Javna agencija za spodbujanje podjetništva, inovativnosti, razvoja, investicij in turizma (SPIRIT Slovenija)

The Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Development, Investment and Tourism (SPIRIT Slovenia) was created in 2013 by merging three institutions: the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments, Slovenian Tourist Board and the Public Agency for Technology of the Republic of Slovenia. The focus areas of SPIRIT are entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, foreign direct investment, internationalisation and promotion of the Slovenian economy and Slovenia as a tourist destination.

Slovenska akademija znanosti in umetnosti (SAZU)

The Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA) is the supreme national institution of sciences and arts and was established in 1938. It associates scientists and artists, who have been elected as its members for their outstanding achievements in the field of sciences and arts. Its mission is to reflect on all relevant socio-economic issues, with specific attention to science and research policy as well as higher education policy. The members of the SASA are called upon when significant policy documents are in the public debate to comment and suggest inputs and amendments.

Nacionalna agencija RS za kakovost v visokem solstvu (NAKVIS)

NAKVIS was established by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia in 2009 and it is commissioned to assure quality in the area of Higher Education. The Agency performs professional and developmental tasks in the field of higher education and regulatory tasks for the purpose of external quality assurance in higher and tertiary vocational education. External quality assurance includes accreditations of higher education institutions and study programmes, including external evaluation.

Agencija za raziskovalno dejavnost Republike Slovenije (ARRS)

The Slovenian Research Agency (SRA) provides financing for basic and applied research programmes and projects, supports various infrastructure research programmes and international research programmes. As an independent public funding organisation it performs tasks relating to the National Research and Development Programme and European Research Area.


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