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This section displays national policy documents and other information focussing on areas of relevance for R&I policies.
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This is the final report of the Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) on 'Innovation Procurement’ which was carried out from January 2017 to May 2018 by 13 EU Member States and two associate countries.

Through public procurement, the public sector is a dominant first-buyer of products and services. Several EU Member States thus use public procurement procedures to accelerate innovation. Yet, for many procuring entities, this aim is not a core priority and thus despite its potential, innovation-related procurement is not yet fully used.

Norway, Turkey, Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden 2018 Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility

The R&I Observatory country report 2017 provides a brief analysis of the R&I system covering the economic context, main actors, funding trends & human resources, policies to address R&I challenges, and R&I in national and regional smart specialisation strategies. Data is from Eurostat, unless otherwise referenced and is correct as at January 2018. Data used from other international sources is also correct to that date. The report provides a state-of-play and analysis of the national level R&I system and its challenges, to support the European Semester.

Netherlands 2017 EU Report or Publication
Evaluatie MKB Innovatiestimuleringsregeling Topsectoren (MIT), 2013 - 2016

Evaluation of the SME Innovation scheme topsectors. The main recommendation is to continue the MIT scheme, with at least the current budget: the MIT is accessible and fulfils an obvious demand. Moreover the MIT is an efficient and effective scheme: it has a positive impact on SMEs’ innovative capacity. 

Netherlands 2017 National Report or Publication

In this letter to parliament new policy measures are presented regarding careers of researchers and more importance for educational tasks at universities.  

Netherlands 2017 National Report or Publication
Totale Investeringen in Wetenschap en Innovatie 2015-2021

Every year, the Rathenau Institute presents an overview of statistics on government R&D budgets.  The overview also furnishes data on R&D tax advantages for businesses (hereafter: “tax aid”) and – on government budgets in support of innovation. 

Netherlands 2017 National Report or Publication
Techniekpact monitor

The technology pact is monitored yearly. The results are displayed on the website. 

Netherlands 2017 National Report or Publication
Korte notities maatschappelijke uitdagingen en sleuteltechnologieën

Each topsector is asked to indicate their contribution to societal challenges and key enabling technologies. These notes are grouped to provide an overview of the overall contribution of the topsectors to these two themes. 

Netherlands 2017 National Report or Publication
Evaluatie City Deals

Ongoing evaluation of  City Deals in the Netherlands. a City Deal is an agreement between a select number of cities, national government departments, civil society and the private sector to tackle a specific and self-defined problem. Approximately 20 City Deals have been signed since the launch of the programme in 2015, and about half are nearing completion. 

Netherlands 2017 National Report or Publication
Evaluatieonderzoek organisaties voor toegepast onderzoek (TO2): Van excellente instituten naar vitale innovatie ecosystemen

The commission Schaaf has evaluated the organisations for applied research (TO2) in the Netherlands. These organisations are  DLO, TNO, NLR, ECN, Deltares en MARIN, and together form the TO2 federation. The commission concludes that the quality and impact of these organisations is good to very good, but their vitality is under pressure. They have increasing difficulties to maintain their competence base and research facilities due to declining government funding. 

Netherlands 2017 National Report or Publication


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