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Latvia - Organisations

This section provides short information on the main relevant Organisations within the national R&I system.
Augstakas izglitibas padome (AIP)

The Council of Higher Education is an independent legal body, which is involved in the development of the national strategy in higher education, facilitates cooperation between higher education institutions (HEIs), public authorities and the general public in the development of higher education, and oversees the quality of higher education. The Council provides policy advice on the development of higher education and research in HEIs.

Latvijas Investiciju un attistibas agentura (LIAA)

The objective of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) is to promote business development by facilitating more foreign investment, in parallel increasing the competitiveness of Latvian entrepreneurs in both domestic and foreign markets.

Latvijas Zinatnu akademija

The major activities of the LAS include the following:

  • Taking part in the development and implementation of Latvia’s science policy;
  • Discussing and analysing national, regional and international issues relevant to Latvia;
  • Contributing to the development of regional science through regular visiting meetings and joint projects of the LAS in the regions of Latvia;
Latvijas Zinatnes padome (LZP)

The Latvian Council of Science was established in 1991. In accordance with the Law on Scientific Activity, the Latvian Council of Science is a collegiate institution of the scientists under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Science. The Council is a counsellor of the Latvian Government on research and researchers training issues. It advises on the formulation and implementation of science, higher education and R&D policy.

Latvijas Garantiju Agentura (LGA)

The Latvian Guarantee Agency Ltd is a full spectrum of development financial institution that helps entrepreneurs to attract financing in case of insufficient collateral in order to facilitate the creation, growth and expansion of the business. LGA is providing credit guarantees, mezzanine loans and insures risks of the export deals as well as indirectly through financial intermediaries provides venture capital financing and microloans.

Ekonomikas ministrija (EM)

The main working areas of the Ministry of Economics cover the development of business activities (industrial development, innovation), export promotion, development of energy and tourism sectors, etc. The Ministry is responsible for the development of long-term policy agendas concerning key economic issues, such as competitiveness and production. The Ministry represents the economic interests of Latvia in the European Union and participates in all stages of decision making.

Izglitibas un zinatnes ministrija (IZM)

The Ministry of Education and Science:

Valsts izglitibas attistibas agentura

The State Education Development Agency is a direct administration institution which is subordinated to the Ministry of Education and Science.

The aim of the activities of SEDA is to implement the national policy in the field of development of higher education and science, lifelong learning system, vocational education system and general education system and to implement and monitor projects financed by European Union (EU) Structural Funds, education innovation projects, EU programmes (e.g. Erasmus+) and other financial instrument programmes, projects and initiatives.

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