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This section displays national policy documents and other information focussing on areas of relevance for R&I policies.
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2014. évi LXXVI törvény a tudományos kutatásról, fejlesztésről és innovációról

The LXXVI Act on Scientific Research, Development and Innovation focuses on the integration of strategic planning and governance of research, development and innovation as well as the coordination of major domestic RDI funding programmes under a newly established government office called National Research, Development and Innovation Office.

Hungary 2014 National Legal Document

The aim of the Start-up_2013 measure is to support the development of young technology companies which are exploiting the results of research and development activities and which are potentially able to grow into a dynamic firm active on international markets.

Hungary 2013 National Support Measure
Nemzeti Agykutatási Program

The National Brain Programme aims at supporting research groups and establishing new research infrastructures. The programme, building on the foundations of domestic brain research, is likely to lead to unique achievements in the fields of research and development, the prevention of illnesses and therapy.

Hungary 2013 National Support Measure
Tudományos művek nyílt hozzáférésű közzétételének irányelvei

The President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) issued an Open Access Mandate with Decree 26/2012 (IX. 24). The researchers and employees of the MTA, including researchers of the subsidised research units and Momentum research groups, should make their scientific publications Open Access. Open Access can be achieved by i) self-archiving in institutional or discipline-based repositories, ii) publishing in Open Access journals or in hybrid journals offering paid Open Access.

Hungary 2013 National Legal Document
Tudománypolitikai Stratégia (2014-2020)

The main objective of the strategy is to provide a basis for the infrastructure of research and financing of the academic sector. It is focused on the economic significance and competitiveness of the output of the public research organisations and higher education institutions.

Hungary 2013 National Legal Document
Magyarország 2013. évi Nemzeti Reform Programja

The National Reform Programme 2013 presents the measures taken to implement the top priorities within several fields set out in the Europe 2020 Strategy (employment, education, research and development, climate and energy policy, fight against poverty). It also reports on the progress made in achieving the targets, and defines further measures in response to the priorities of the European Commission's Annual Growth Survey.

Hungary 2013 National Legal Document
Befektetés a Jövőbe: Nemzeti Kutatás-fejlesztési és Innovációs Stratégia (2013-2020)

The National Research, Development and Innovation Strategy delineates the use of direct and indirect tools, tax relief, adjustments of capital market conditions, tendering systems and innovation services to promote specialisation built on the characteristics of local actors and market-driven and society-driven innovation processes.

Hungary 2013 National Legal Document


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