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This section displays national policy documents and other information focussing on areas of relevance for R&I policies.
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The European Semester starts with the Commission's Annual Growth Survey (AGS), which outlines general economic priorities for the EU. In 2015, the focus of the AGS was on boosting investment, accelerating structural reforms and pursuing responsible growth-friendly fiscal consolidation. In line with those priorities, in February the Commission publishes a series of Country Reports presenting an asssessment of economic and social developments and challenges in different areas, including research and innovation.

Hungary 2015 EU Report or Publication
Magyarország 2015. évi Nemzeti Reform Programja

The National Reform Programme 2015 reflects Hungary's goal for economic growth which is inclusive, sustainable and smart. The greatest challenge for Hungary is to strengthen and develop the knowledge economy. In accordance with this Hungary has taken several far-reaching measures for restructuring research and development as well as education, the first results of which are reflected in recent statistics.

Hungary 2015 National Legal Document

This Report provides the outcome of the Pre-Peer Review of the Hungarian research and innovation system, carried out by a panel of experts under the Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility. The expert panel arrived at a first assessment of strengths and weaknesses including key bottlenecks as well as areas of competitive advantage of the Hungarian R&I system, and at four focus areas for in-depth analysis in the subsequent Peer Review.

Hungary 2015 Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility

The country profiles aim to provide an operational tool for stakeholders and policy-makers to support the framing of research and innovation (R&I) policies and to facilitate the monitoring of performance, on the basis of a holistic economic and indicator‑based analysis.

Hungary 2014 EU Report or Publication

The annual RIO Country Report analyses and assesses the development and performance of the Hungarian national research and innovation system and related policies in the perspective of EU strategy and goals.

The report highlights recent national policy and system developments occurring and assesses the match between national policy priorities and the structural challenges of the research and innovation system. It addresses among others:

Hungary 2014 EU Report or Publication
Nemzeti Fejlesztés 2030: Országos Fejlesztési és Területfejlesztési Koncepció

The National Development and Territorial Development Concept provides a vision for the development of Hungary by 2030 as well as development priorities for the programming period 2014-2020. Its RDI targets are the same as for the RDI strategy 2013-2020.

Hungary 2014 National Legal Document
Fokozatváltás a felsőoktatásban

The concept foresees major changes in the way the HEIs are financed but does not specify how the new funding system, based on more concentrated resource allocation, will support the achievement of international quality standards in Hungarian HEIs.

Hungary 2014 National Legal Document
Magyarország 2014. évi Nemzeti Reform Programja

The National Reform Programme 2014 presents the measures taken to implement the top priorities within several fields set out in the Europe 2020 Strategy (employment, education, research and development, climate and energy policy, fight against poverty). It also reports on the progress made in achieving the targets, and defines further measures in response to the priorities of the European Commission's Annual Growth Survey.

Hungary 2014 National Legal Document
Kutatási Infrastruktúrák Magyarországon

The document is related to the National Smart Specialisation Strategy and presents the vision for national research infrastructures (RIs). It surveys in detail the situation of the Hungarian RIs as well as the assessment process of Hungarian RIs within the National Research Infrastructure Survey and Roadmap project.

Hungary 2014 National Legal Document
Nemzeti Intelligens Szakosodási Stratégia (S3)

Three national smart specialisations and related specific priorities at county level have been formulated in the course of the creation process of the Smart Specialisation Strategy. The Strategy provided the precondition for the completion of key Operational Programmes, in particular GINOP and VEKOP. The Strategy also sets the directions for the entire country for the areas of research, development and innovation and plans to support the country's R&I in the most sustainable way generating maximum social profit and ensuring efficient use of financial resources.

Hungary 2014 National Legal Document


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