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Denmark - Organisations

This section provides short information on the main relevant Organisations within the national R&I system.
Forsknings- og Innovationsstyrelsen (Forsknings- og Innovationsstyrelsen)

The Agency performs tasks relating to research and innovation policy and provides secretariat services to and supervises the scientific research councils. The councils allocate funds for independent research, for strategic research and for innovation and advise the political system. It is an agency under the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The Agency works within four main areas: Policy development; Statistics and analyses, implementation of funds; Guidance and communication.

Forskningspolitiske Råd

The objective of the Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy is to further the development of Danish research, technology and innovation to the benefit of society. The Council advises the Minister for Higher Education and Science and the Danish Parliament on research, technology and innovation at a general level. On April 1 2014 The Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy succeeded the previous Danish Council for Research Policy.

Danmarks Grundforskningsfond

The Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF) is an independent organisation established by the Danish Parliament in 1991 with the objective to promote and stimulate basic research at the highest international level at the frontiers of all scientific fields. The Center of Excellence programme is the main funding mechanism, but also a number of programmes and initiatives have been launched specifically targeted at increasing the level of internationalisation of Danish research communities.

Godkjente Teknologiske Serviceinstitutter (GTS)

The Advanced Technology Group has nine institutes which work within different fields and provide different services as not-for-profit organisations. The GTS institutes are private independent consulting firms that develop and sell state-of-the-art technological services to private enterprises and public authorities. The GTS institutes offer knowledge, technology and consultancy, co-operation on technological and market-related innovation, testing, optimisation, quality assurance, certifications and benchmarking.

Innovations Fonden

The Innovation Fund Denmark will invest in new initiatives to create growth and employment in Denmark.

Erhvervs- og Vækstministeriet (EVM)

The Ministry is responsible for a number of policy areas which are important for the general business environment, including business regulation, Intellectual Property Rights, competition and consumer policy, the financial sector and shipping. It is engaged with various international organisations enhancing international framework conditions for growth. In the European Union, the Ministry participates in the work of the councils for Competitiveness and Maritime Transport. The Ministry comprises 6 agencies.


The Ministry of Finance supports the government in pursuing a sound economic policy, enhance growth and productivity and ensure efficiency in the public sector.

Ministeriet for Forskning, Innovation og Videregående Uddannelser

The Ministry aims to create knowledge, growth and welfare in Denmark in an increasingly globalised world. It aims to do this by ensuring that students, researchers, teachers, businesses and public institutions have better conditions for carrying out research, study and innovation.

Det Frie Forskningsråd (DFF)

The Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF) funds specific research activities within all scientific areas that are based on researchers' own initiatives and that improve the quality and internationalisation of Danish research. The Council provides advice in all scientific areas for the Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science, the Danish Parliament and the Government. The primary aim of the Council is to support and promote the most original ideas and initiatives within Danish research.

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