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This section displays national policy documents and other information focussing on areas of relevance for R&I policies.
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The European Semester starts with the Commission's Annual Growth Survey (AGS), which outlines general economic priorities for the EU. In 2015, the focus of the AGS was on boosting investment, accelerating structural reforms and pursuing responsible growth-friendly fiscal consolidation. In line with those priorities, in February the Commission publishes a series of Country Reports presenting an assessment of economic and social developments and challenges in different areas, including research and innovation.

Denmark 2015 EU Report or Publication

The country profiles aim to provide an operational tool for stakeholders and policy-makers to support the framing of research and innovation (R&I) policies and to facilitate the monitoring of performance, on the basis of a holistic economic and indicator‑based analysis.

Denmark 2014 EU Report or Publication

The evaluation of the Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF) focused on and was mainly concerned with its role and function within the Danish research ecosystem, the evolution of its funding instruments, the appropriateness of its selection processes, the interaction with universities and other stakeholders, as well as governance, organisational structures, and the management of DFF.

Denmark 2014 National Report or Publication

The annual RIO Country Report analyses and assesses the development and performance of the Danish national research and innovation system and related policies in the perspective of EU strategy and goals.

The report highlights recent national policy and system developments occurring and assesses the match between national policy priorities and the structural challenges of the research and innovation system. It addresses among others:

Denmark 2014 EU Report or Publication

Researchers, universities and other research institutions, research councils and foundations, libraries, publishing houses and companies all play a crucial role in optimising knowledge sharing and the application of state-of-the-art research findings. Now it is a question of ensuring that all also will contribute to optimal implementation of Open Access for research and innovation in Denmark which is the aim of the strategy.

Denmark 2014 National Report or Publication
On behalf of the Danish Ministry for Higher Education and Science a panel of six distinguished experts from Europe and North America has evaluated the performance of the Danish Council for independent Research (DFF) and analysed the role and function of DFF in the Danish research system.
Denmark 2014 National Report or Publication

The compendium is a collection of systemic analyses of the Danish innovation system and the Nordic business investments in R&D. In addition the compendium contains a new manual for carrying out high-quality analyses.

Denmark 2014 National Report or Publication

The evaluation presents the state of cooperation between universities and business and provides a range of ideas about how to further strengthen  knowledge cooperation and technology transfer in Denmark.

Denmark 2014 National Report or Publication

The government’s reforms and initiatives increase the opportunities for growth and strengthen employment and business conditions. The Danish National Reform Programme for 2014 outlines the government’s reform strategy and follows up on country specific EU recommendations.

Denmark 2014 National Report or Publication


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