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Czech Republic - Organisations

This section provides short information on the main relevant Organisations within the national R&I system.
Akademie věd České republiky

The Academy of Sciences is the leading non-university basic research public institution in the Czech Republic. It conducts both fundamental and strategic applied research to create scientific knowledge. The Academy formulates its own scientific policy, advises the state on major issues of its R&D policy, administers national as well as international research programmes, and promotes cooperation with both applied research and industry to foster technology transfer and exploitation of scientific knowledge.

Rada pro vyzkum, vývoj a inovace

The Council for Research, Development and Innovation (CRDI) is an advisory body to the Government of the Czech Republic in the area of R&D. Its scope of activities covers research and development and innovation issues. The area of its responsibility includes preparation of R&D-related documents, organising meetings with EC advisory bodies in R&D, as well R&D councils of other countries, administration of the R&D information system and proposing the nomination of the Grant Agency Board.

Grantová agentura České republiky

The Czech Science Foundation promotes progress of scientific and technological development in the Czech Republic. Grants are provided to all kinds of Czech state and private research and development institutions and to private persons who are Czech citizens and reside permanently in the Czech Republic. The basis of the funds available is provided by the state budget, but contributions from other sources are also possible. Grant proposals can be submitted in five scientific fields: technical science, natural science, medical science, human and social science, agricultural science.

Ministerstvo skolstvi, mladeze a telovychovy

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports is the central authority for overall strategy, educational policy and the preparation of appropriate legislative standards and executive and operational activities. It establishes upper secondary and special schools and appoints their heads. It distributes financial resources from the state budget and introduces general scientific research and development policy. The ministry participates in preparation of R&D budget and evaluates and approves research plans and funding of universities and research institutions.

Ministerstvo prumyslu a obchodu

The Ministry of Industry and Trade coordinates the foreign trade policy of the Czech Republic, concludes bilateral and multilateral contracts, executes commercial cooperation with international organisations, controls and administers activities associated with license regime application, investigates the dumping of imported products and takes measures to protect against the import of such products and controls hall marking and precious metals testing.

Technologická agentura ČR

The key mission of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic is to formulate and carry out funding programmes for applied research, development and innovation, including programmes for needs of state administration. It is also responsible for commissioning public contracts in research, development and innovation. The agency finances programmes supporting the applied research, development and innovation - ALPHA, BETA, OMEGA and Centres of Competence.

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