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Belgium - Organisations

This section provides short information on the main relevant Organisations within the national R&I system.
Fonds (National) de la Recherche Scientifique (F.R.S.-FNRS)

The mission of the (National) Scientific Research Fund (F.R.S.-FNRS) is to develop non-oriented scientific research on the basis of initiatives presented by researchers. The organisation promotes the production and development of knowledge through support to individual researchers as well as through research programmes carried out within laboratories and units of the universities of the French Community of Belgium. The action of the FNRS is therefore mainly focused on researcher training and research development.

Politique scientifique fédérale - Federaal wetenschapsbeleid (BELSPO)

The mission of the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office is to prepare, execute and evaluate science policy and its extensions, in particular the training of a permanent expert capability in the universities and research centres to serve the Federal Authority in scientific and technical fields. BELSPO is also responsible for the implementation of programmes, operations and research networks at the Belgian level and internationally.

Office belge de la Propriété intellectuelle (OPRI)

The OPRI's general mission is to protect intellectual property in Belgium. To that end, it is responsible for issuing and handling Belgian industrial property certificates, providing users with information on intellectual property, preparing legal texts, advising governments and representing Belgium internationally.

Bruxelles Economie et Emploi

Brussels Economy and Employment's mission is to develop a sustainable economy and employment in the Brussels-Capital Region. It is one of seven administrative bodies within the Brussels Regional Public Service.

The three principal missions are:

Bruxelles environnement

Created in 1989, Brussels Environment is the administration of the environment and energy in the Brussels-Capital Region. Its fields of activity cover also the wider environment.

Institut Bruxellois pour la Recherche et l’Innovation - Brussels Instituut voor Onderzoek en Innovatie (INNOVIRIS)

The main activity of INNOVIRIS consists in funding research projects undertaken within the companies, the universities and the higher education institutes located in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Conseil fédéral de la Politique scientifique (FRWB - CFPS)

The Federal Council for Science Policy is an advisory body. It provides advice on: scientific research needed at federal governmental level and as agreed in international agreements; the creation of data exchange networks both domestically and internationally; space research as agreed in international or supranational cooperation agreements; Federal scientific and cultural institutions, their research and their public service.

Federale overheidsdients, werkgelegenheit, arbeid en sociaal overleg

The service exists in its current form since 2003 and its tasks are as follows:

Service Public Fédéral des Finances

The FPS Finance is responsible for different tasks, among which: fair and correct taxation; optimal funding while guaranteeing the balance between the State Treasury and debts, and the follow-up of the economic and financial requests in support of the relevant government policy; within the framework of legal transactions involving goods, helping to ensure legal certainty by maintaining the public property records; supervising flows of goods upon importation, transit and exportation in order to contribute to the organisation of the market, the economic safety, the protection of public health

Vlaamse Raad voor Wetenschapsbeleid (VRWI)

The Flemish Council for Science and Innovation (VRWI) was established by decree on 30 April 2009 as the strategic advisory council for the policy areas science and innovation. The VRWI is the successor of the Flemish Science Policy Council (VRWB). The Flemish Government can furthermore autorise the VRWI to represent the Flemish Community or Flemish Region in federal or international advisory bodies.


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