Ministry of Human Capacities

Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma
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The Ministry of Human Resources is the regulator and supervisor of the education system and a key public body in the formation and implementation of the government's science policy. The Ministry supervises the entire state education system from elementary schools to universities, except the defence and police education organisations, thus it has full responsibility in providing human resources for the economy. The Ministry prepares and issues legislation governing the education system, creates development plans, and ensures their adherence to quality standards. The minister of human resources is responsible for the pedagogical, professional and educational work of public, vocational and higher educational organisations. In the case of higher education institutions, the minister pursues legal supervision including the allocation of their budgets. The Ministry is also responsible for the elaboration of government decisions concerning higher education, including setting qualification requirements for new programmes, authorisation, reorganisation, and cancellation of university and college level programmes and accreditation of foreign higher education institutions in Hungary.

Akadémia u. 3., 1054 Budapest, Hungary
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