Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania

Lietuvos Respublikos Švietimo ir mokslo ministerija (SMM)
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The Ministry of Education and Science is a Government Institution of the Republic of Lithuania. It is responsible for educational and R&D policy development and implementation measures.

The Ministry of Education and Science is in charge of preparing and executing R&D policy. It analyses the application of laws and government decrees related to higher education and R&D, prepares drafts of by-laws, coordinates and implements international programmes in education and R&D, and makes proposals for the establishment, reorganisation, and cessation of higher education and research institutions. It used to be principal actor responsible for setting up R&D and Higher education policy. In 1998 Department of Science and Studies to the Ministry of Education and Science was established for this purpose. Its main task is to develop and implement State Policy on Science and Studies.

A. Volano 2/7, 01516, Vilnius, Lithuania
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