Hungarian Economic Development Centre

Magyar Gazdaságfejlesztési Központ(MAG)
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The most important task of MAG is to act as an intermediary organisation in implementing the New Hungary Development Plan (the programming document allocating the resources of the EU Structural Funds). Several of these schemes are available under the label of New Szechenyi Plan since 2011.

MAG also manages nationally funded technology and innovation policy support measures.

The network of MAG Zrt. also serves as the regional representative of the Hungarian Development Bank.

The main objective of MAG Zrt is to operate an efficient system with simplified and unified procedures, thus reducing the application costs for Hungarian businesses (especially SMEs) for national and EU co-funded schemes.


Hungarian Economic Development Centre (MAG) is Hungary's intermediate body for economic development programmes financed from European Union resources. The primary goal of MAG is to provide the highest level of cooperating service for development policy planners and managers, the beneficiaries of the grant programmes and the affected enterprises as well as the realization of goals set down in the business plan. MAG Zrt is the first intermediate body in Hungary to have established an all-round, entrepreneurial operational culture conforming to market practice, thus it is not only "close to enterprises" as regards grants but also in its operational structure. In harmony with the core values of MAG and according to its operation structured on efficiency, clear lines of responsibility, quality execution of work and efficiency, right from the start the company endeavours to arrange a performance-based remuneration system connected to the provision of specific tasks for each commission. The overwhelming majority of the company's revenue has been generated on this basis since 2007. The defining elements of corporate operation are retaining and motivating highly qualified employees and providing a workforce of quality recruits. (sources: and


MAG was established in October 2006 by merging several previously independent public organisations: the Support Intermediary Directorate of the Hungarian Development Bank, the Hungarian Enterprise Development Public Benefit Company, the IT Information Society Public Benefit Company and partly the Agency for Research Fund Management and Research Exploitation. Therefore, its tasks are a continuation of its predecessors, in a simplified, one-stop-shop system.


As noted above, MAG Zrt's most important tasks is to act as an intermediary organisation in the implementation of the New Hungary Development Plan (the programming document allocating the resources of the EU Structural Funds), more precisely its Economic Development Operational Programme. MAG Zrt is also the intermediary organisation of the Central Hungary Operational Programme. It also performs administrative tasks concerning the nationally funded STI policy measures, devised by the National Office for Research and Technology.

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