Higher Education and Research Council

Felsooktatási és Tudományos Tanács(FTT)
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The basic tasks of the Committee include: preparation of plans regarding the development and modernisation of the education systems, rulings on the principles of the state support system, presenting its opinion on the indicators of academic accomplishment, identification of preferred professions, medium-term development of available university places and evaluation of the priorities of academic research supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and co-ordination of these with other national research programmes. Upon request of the Minister of Education and Culture, the Council also gives an opinion on the establishment and abolition of state education organisations and faculties and on the use of the budget of higher education; issues rulings on the principles of professional requirements and evaluates the terms of national, state-financed awards and grants related to research.Mission

The Higher Education and Research Council is an advisory body, which was established by the Higher Education Act (Act CXXXIX of 2005) and Government Decree 68/2006. (III.28.) on the Higher Education and Research Council to assist the work of the Minister of Education. [since July 2006: Minister of Education and Culture] The Council is a top advisory organisation concerning decisions related to higher education and academic research in Hungary. Members of the Council are higher education experts.

BackgroundThe Higher Education and Research Council was established by Act CXXXIX of 2005 on Higher Education and Government Decree 68/2006. (III.28.) to facilitate the autonomy of the education and research activities at the Hungarian higher education institutes. It is an independent legal entity which provides assistance in decision making, and prepares evaluations and plans for strategic issues.Research policy advisory body

The Council forms and expresses opinion, and prepares suggestions and plans on the most important issues of higher education and academic research.

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