Commissariat-General for Strategy and Foresight / France Stratégie (CGSP)

Commissariat Général à la Stratégie et à la Prospective / France Stratégie (CGSP)
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The Commissariat-General for Strategy and Foresight, also called France Stratégie, was created on April 22nd, 2013. Its mission is composed of four main aspects: 1) provide an independent evaluation of public policies; 2) anticipate future changes in French society regarding economy, society, sustainable development or technology and analyse the issues they raise in the medium term in order to prepare the conditions for political decision; 3) foster a dialogue between the social partners, civil society, business, the community of experts and academia; 4) propose policies and reforms and provide orientation to the government, highlighting possible trade-offs, and foreign experiences.

France Stratégie, 18 rue de Martignac, 75700 Paris cedex 07, France
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