Research and Innovation Observatory (RIO)

The Joint Research Centre  Research and Innovation Observatory (RIO) is a new initiative of the European Commission to monitor and analyse research and innovation developments at Country and EU levels to support better policy making in Europe.
It produces in collaboration with country based external experts detailed yearly RIO Country Reports assessing the evolution of national R&I systems and identifying key challenges to feed into the EU policy process. It will also provide as of 2016 a series of thematic analytical cross-country reports on issues such as the impact of public funding instruments on excellence, on policies to support the growth of innovative companies, on smart fiscal consolidation and on effective knowledge transfer mechanisms between business and academia.

How to contact RIO?

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The Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility (PSF)

The Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility is a new instrument that gives Member States and countries associated to Horizon 2020 practical support to design, implement and evaluate reforms that enhance the quality of their research and innovation investments, policies and systems. Such reforms concern, for example, the stimulation of stronger and closer links between science and business or the introduction of performance-based funding of public research institutes. 

The Policy Support Facility provides Member States and countries associated to Horizon 2020 with access to independent high-level expertise and analyses through a number of services such as peer reviews of the national research and innovation systems, support to specific reforms or project-based mutual learning exercises.

What are the Horizon 2020 PSF services? 

    • Peer Reviews of national R&I systems to detect strengths and weaknesses and recommend concrete paths for reform 
    • Support to specific reforms, including pre-Peer Review horizon scanning, post-Peer Review evaluations, and other ad-hoc requests 
    • Mutual learning on specific topics, involving a set of countries around a project targeting the exchange of practices for policy reform  

Who can make a request for Horizon 2020 PSF support?

The Horizon 2020 PSF is a demand driven tool, that responds to requests made by national authorities on a voluntary basis. To organise this process and the PSF pipeline of projects, the Commission issues an annual Expression of Interest via the European Research Area and Innovation Committee . National authorities are invited to respond to it or to address their requests for specific support to the email address below. 

How to contact Horizon 2020 PSF?



The Research and Innovation Observatory – Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility website

This website provides a series of comparable R&I relevant data, including a Library of the main national R&I policy documents, information on the national R&I Organisations , a regular monitoring of R&I policy development in the News section. The European Semester section presents information on structural reforms of the national R&I systems undertaken by Member States, supported by analyses on their R&I performances. The Statistics area presents a comprehensive Data catalogue and visualisations of selected Key indicators . A dedicated ERA dashboard allows to benchmark the progress of national research systems towards the completion of the European Research Area.


Copyright disclaimer

Some of the reports reproduced on this website are owned by the respective Organisations in the EU Member States. The European Commission cannot be held liable for infringement of third parties rights in the content of these reports. For any enquiries relating to the content of the reports, please contact the author Organisations.


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